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How to Maximize Social Media for your NonProfit

Posted by Sean LoBianco on May 24, 2018 11:12:30 AM

Social Media Volunteer RecruitmentSocial media is growing fast, even in the nonprofit world. Facebook alone has 79% of internet users in the US logging in. Instagram added over 200 million users in 2017,  with 500 million using the service daily. Social media is a powerhouse for reaching your community and recruiting volunteers.

Social Media for Engagement

As more people adopt social platforms, reaching volunteers is easier with social media company pages. The ability to communicate with volunteers in a matter of minutes is incredible. When your social media account is fully seasoned, you can instantly communicate your needs, solve a crisis, and even have your volunteer base recruit additional help, if needed. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since one in ten American adults are “smartphone-only” internet users according to the Pew Research Center,  meaning they own a smartphone but do not have traditional home broadband service.

So how does social media play a role in online volunteer recruiting? Social media is a pathway to find new volunteers and a place to stay engaged with existing ones. Below are tips for nonprofits who are just getting started or are looking to optimize their social media strategy to boost recruitment.

Social Recruiting

First, identify which social platforms your volunteers are most likely to be using. Stick to the ones that have the largest amount of growing users. Don’t invest in any platform unless you’re sure your volunteers are using them.  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the three largest social networks right now, and they are the ones you should consider first.

For each platform, establish your strategy and set goals. Incorporate these goals into your entire social media strategy. If you choose more platforms than the top three, create specific goals for each and how they will support each other.

Ask These Questions to Start:

What are your recruitment goals?
How will people respond online?
Why should people volunteer?
How will you deliver your message?
How often will you post?
How will you engage and maintain relationships?
Who will manage the channels?
Will you use paid advertisements?
How will you track your progress?

Don’t just pitch. Tell your story and update your volunteers.

People want to hear about how you make an impact, learn something new about your social mission, and feel like a part of your cause. This is how you will reach your community, motivate people to follow you, and volunteer for your organization.


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