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Is Your Member At Risk For Food Insecurity?

Posted by John Siegel on Apr 1, 2021 11:10:00 AM


Senior Hunger_2020_LRDid you know that your Medicaid members are at a much higher risk for food insecurity?

Those who are food insecure are more likely to develop these chronic diseases, according to the USDA’s Economic Research Service:

  • Hypertension/high blood pressure
  • Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
  • Hepatitis
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • COPD
  • Chronic kidney disease

Food security status is strongly related to the likelihood of chronic disease. Malnutrition is one of the most significant contributors to hospitalizations and readmission. It’s no surprise the cost of food is even more impactful for those on Medicaid. Studies show they consume fewer fruits and vegetables than recommended. These members are often more likely to skip meals or replace meals with snacks than non-Medicaid recipients.

The good news is many Medicaid beneficiaries are motivated to stick to healthy eating habits to improve their overall health. In fact, 59 percent of Medicaid members obtain nutritional guidance from their doctor.  It's reported that 79% of Medicaid members made positive changes to their eating habits after receiving the proper nutrition education. And, they value your professional recommendations!

Health plans also understand the importance of proper nutrition, especially to their most vulnerable members. Many Medicare Advantage plans now offer a home-delivered meal benefit to those with chronic conditions

Healthy and Convenient

There are many benefits of nutritious frozen meals, and convenience is just one!

You can feel confident that you are recommending high-quality, delicious meals from GA Foods to your members: 

  • Our Registered Dietitians and Executive Chef plan our meals
  • Meals are nutritionally complete and compliant with federal and state guidelines
  • Medically-tailored meals are available for those managing chronic conditions 

Home-Delivered Meals 

Referring your members to a home-delivered meal provider can help  ensure they will  eat nutritious meals.  GA Foods does more than delivering meals. We can be a second set of eyes and ears for case managers and care coordinators. Our Field Service Representatives (FSRs) are trained to recognize potential issues when delivering meals to your members. If they identify any concerns, they contact the Customer Care Team with the information you need for follow-up. If it is an emergency, they will call 911 and make sure the Care Team reaches you immediately.   

Need a quick and easy way to determine if your member is food insecure? Download our Food Insecurity Questionnaire.


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