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Celebrating Mother's Day With Older Adults

Posted by Mary O'Hara on May 9, 2019 10:27:00 AM

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Don't forget Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12. Your mom, mother-in-law, grandmother, or other loved ones may not be as independent as they used to be, but you can still make the day special and create happy memories.

If she still likes going out, she may enjoy these activities:

  • Take a stroll through a local park or botanical garden. Seeing the spring flowers in bloom is a treat, especially if she loved gardening.
  • Go to a movie. A new comedy movie geared towards woman, The Hustle, was just released and you could laugh together. You can also rent or stream several popular classics such as Steel Magnolias, The Guilt Trip, Step Mom, Mr. Mom, Mildred Pierce, or The Sound of Music. 
  • Visit a place of worship.  Many women who live alone, and no longer drive, often miss their routines from the past. Going to a religious service is a familiar activity that could make her day.
  • Senior Center Celebrations – if your mom is active at her local senior center, they often have celebrations where guests are welcome and she’d be thrilled for you to join her! 

There are several resources for senior center information. Visit the National Council on Aging (NCOA website) to learn about the wide range of activities available. If your mom needs assistance for food and nutrition, there are resources here as well!

If she prefers to stay in, there’s still plenty to do:

  • Mom will love seeing old home movies and photos. Dig up those family photos and let mom tell you the stories and family history behind the pictures.
  • Help your mom make her favorite recipe. Cooking or baking together is a great time to reminisce over fond memories. She may even want to try something new! Your younger children will enjoy helping out—and eating a tasty treat!
  • Play her favorite music. With all of the music streaming services available, you should easily find favorite songs she may have not heard in years.
  • Make a celebratory 'cocktail'  by adding flavored sparkling water to juice, pour over ice in a festive glass, and make a toast!
  • If your loved one has friends that don’t have any family near, include them in your plans. 

Remember when you were young and you asked your mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day?  Most likely she would reply, “spending time with you." You don’t need to make elaborate or expensive plans. Simple activities and spending time together is the best way to celebrate. Happy Mother's Day!

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