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Embrace Aging: 6 Tips to Help

Posted by Terry White on Jan 28, 2021 11:00:00 AM

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Counting the number of candles on a birthday cake is not as important as appreciating each year of life! Each year brings new experiences, challenges, and accomplishments.

It can be comforting to recall fond memories – but it’s not healthy to live in the past! Learning new skills and connecting with people from all walks of life can stimulate your brain and make the present much more enjoyable. If you’re a caregiver for an older adult, a little encouragement can go a long way!

Here are some tips for adopting a more positive outlook on the aging process:

  • Stay physically active – do a minimum of movement or exercise each day, even if it’s just walking around your house, yard, or going up and down the stairs. Start with small goals and gradually increase as you get stronger. Perhaps you can reach a goal to get at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 - 5 days a week. Remember to always check with your healthcare provider before beginning any new exercise routine.
  • Exercise your brain by doing a mentally challenging activity. Try holding your toothbrush in the opposite hand, work on puzzles, or read something that requires a bit of concentration.
  • Healthy lifestyle – you will feel better mentally and physically by practicing healthy habits. Eating whole grains and fruits or vegetables with every meal is a good idea. It may be helpful to know that many Medicare Advantage plans offer home-delivered meals to their members when returning home from the hospital.
  • Stay social – which can be challenging now. But you can still connect with friends and family by phone and social media. There are so many free how-to videos on YouTube that you can master a new skill or hobby from home!
  • Embrace your accomplishments - Think about the barriers you’ve overcome in your life. Be proud of your successes—especially the small ones. See if you can help others to reach their goals, or be there to cheer them along.
  • Take care of your health – visit your doctor for regular check-ups, and take advantage of any free online health tools. Be sure you discuss any notable health changes, memory issues, or other concerns with your healthcare provider.

Regardless of your age or even condition, one important thing to remember is that building and preserving relationships, mental health, activity, and even emotions remains an ongoing process. But it’s one that’s never too late to start!

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