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Celebrate Older Americans Month!

Posted by Mary McAleer on May 22, 2019 1:23:14 PM

Happy Seniors

Every May, the Administration for Community Living (ACL) launches ways to help celebrate Older Americans Month.  This year’s theme is Connect, Create, Contribute. It’s designed to make it easy for everyone to get involved.

May's designation as Older Americans Month has created a time for us all to pause and acknowledge the contributions of our most experienced citizens, particularly those who served and defended our country. We at GA Foods have proudly served older Americans through Meals on Wheels programs since 1973.  And for over 18 years, the SunMeadow® brand has become a mainstay in the knapsacks and cargo pant pockets of U.S. troops on the move. We are proud to take this time to pause and reflect on the accomplishments and contributions of those we serve.

The knowledge and wisdom that an entire generation has accumulated through those events is a national treasure. For all of you who have "well experienced" adults in your lives, be it your parents, grandparents, other family or friends, we urge you to take the time in May to reach out and visit with this special person. Listen to their stories. Receive their wisdom and perspective on life. Be there to lend support...even for "simple things" that are no longer quite so simple for them.

Here's a summary of the ideas to help older Americans to be involved this year

  • Connect
    - with friends, family, and services that support participation. 
  • Create – by engaging in activities that promote learning, health, and personal enrichment. This is a good time to try a new activity, whether it is learning to play a musical instrument or exploring a local museum, there are plenty of things to do in almost every community. Engaging your mind with something new is a fun way to exercise the brain!
  • Contribute time, talent, and life experience to benefit others. Older adults can use their experience to encourage others. Their examples of success, failure, and perseverance are always appreciated!

For more ways to help older adults to Connect, Create, Contribute, check out this list of resources. 

While GA Foods provides home-delivered meals to older adults year-round, we will use May to focus on how older adults in our community are leading and inspiring others, how we can support and learn from them, and how we might follow their examples to blaze trails in our own lives. We wish all "older Americans" great health and happiness! 


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